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As an example the words "high" and "chair" may be joined or concatenated to generate "highchair." A brilliant reason behind a somewhat intimidating word. It truly is one of those functions that does just what you realized. It concatenates strings together. Job finished.<br>Once understood, it truly is one of Excel most fabulous functions. This can be a text formula, normally people associate Excel with arithmetic functions, but it comes with text ones too. This is certainly one of these.<br>So back in concatenation. Take care that function <a href="http://www.test4prep.com/350-018.html">Cisco 350-018</a> will indeed join what you tell it. For those times you have 19 a single cell and 72 inside the other the end result of the formula will be "1972".<br>Up to 255 text entries could be added onto the function, every entry need to be separated by a comma.<br>The syntax in the formula is<br>=CONCATENATE(Text1 Text2,.... Text255)<br>Let's go through a sample. Suppose that you might have name a single column of cells (A) in as well as a last name in another column of cells (B) in your workbook.<br>Name the first cell in column C as Customer_Name- column C hold the effects from the concatenation of one's two separate name columns.<br>Click the Formulas Tab<br>Choose Text Functions constitute the Ribbon to begin the decrease menu<br>Click on Concatenate inside list to bring the functions dialog box<br>On the queue text1 select cell A2<br>On the cloths line text2 select cell B2<br>Hit Ok<br><br>The formula in C2 may be like this<br>=CONCATENTATE(A2,B2)<br>Your two names should certainly be joined from the one text string. That's great but imagine if you need a space amongst the strings you wish to join, like for example this example?.<br>If you will want blank space regarding the text strings you'll need make use of on the list of text <a href="http://www.test4prep.com/350-050.html">Cisco 350-050</a> strings with " " inside them. So, the function to get in an empty space between first name and surname in the example would appear to be this<br>=CONCATENATE(A2," ", B2)<br>So, all you should do is lookup for the CONCATENATE function from the function tab and go through on screen instruction to become listed on several text strings together as you have to nearly 255. Since we have observed if you need to add a space between any text strings they should have their own text line so they really will require up most of your available 255 strings.<br>Get over its intimidating name which function is a great one to acquire in the Excel bag of tricks.<br> </font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%"> <table border="0" style="BORDER-TOP: #f2f2f2 1px dotted;" width="100%" cellspacing="3"> <tr> <td> <font face="Tahoma, Arial, Verdana" size="0" color="#000000"> <i>2.10.12 13:03</i><br>  </font> </td> <td> <font face="Tahoma, Arial, Verdana" size="0" color="#000000"> <div align=right><a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010584/MS-Excel-Tutorial-How-to-operate-the-Concatenation-Function-In-Excel">verlinken</a><br> </div> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%"> Letzte Einträge: <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7009900/MS-Excel-Tips-Use-Conditional-Formatting-To-search-out-Duplicate-Data">MS Excel Tips - Use Conditional Formatting To search out Duplicate Data</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010128/MS-Excel-Tips-Chose-the-Contrast-between-Two-Dates-Using-DATEDIF">MS Excel Tips: Chose the Contrast between Two Dates Using DATEDIF</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010356/MS-Excel-Tutorial-Creating-And-making-use-of-Named-Ranges">MS Excel Tutorial - Creating And making use of Named Ranges</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010812/My-Top-iPad-VPN-Accessories-for-Business">My Top iPad VPN Accessories for Business</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7011040/Nearshore-Software-Developers-Five-Compelling-Reasons-to-Use-Them">Nearshore Software Developers - Five Compelling Reasons to Use Them</a> </td> </tr> </table> </center> Hier kommt später eurer Text hin..den hier abba entfernen... steht da sonst auch... 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