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The function will return the duration of a nominated text string. You may wonder any time you make use of this?. But, medication to perform any sort of data manipulation in Excel you may invariably realise how useful it really is.<br>So how does it work?. LEN will return EVERY character in the text string. So, all text, spaces, punctuation and numbers will be within the count of characters showcased.<br>Let's take a look at a case in point or two. The syntax for your formula <a href="http://www.test4prep.com/642-785.html">Cisco 642-785</a> is<br>=LEN(Text)<br>See a sample text string below:-<br>Excel rocks !. <br>Applying the aforementioned formula the result can be 17<br>Here is yet another example:-<br>howtoexcelatexcel <br>Applying these formula the actual result could be 17<br>So, precisely how will this be useful? If you do any data talk with Excel, especially with data importing or data cleansing this function is often invaluable. Imagine there is a number of records to import derived from one of database system completely to another. The modern system you already know is not going to accept a name field beyond certain character length.<br>You know the fields that contain restrictions while in the new database, your old system records was without such controls. With this information you may easily use Excel LEN function as a method of identifying the name records that have been too much time in size.<br>You can insert a additional column to calculate the length of the written text string. The records is often sorted by using extra columns made up of the effects from the LEN function. Easy.<br>Here are classified as the detailed steps to carrying out this exercise<br>Open your Excel file<br>Insert a column to the right of the field you desire to measure<br>Enter a column title in this example 'name length'<br>Place the Excel cursor within the first cell underneath your column title<br>Formulas Tab<br>Function Library<br>In the search for a function box type LEN<br>Hit Ok<br>Click the cell that contains the call string you should perform the character count<br>Hit Ok<br><br>The outcome of the count in the text string might be displayed, all you have to do is copy the formula for a other cells from the column.<br>You can rapidly do that by picking out the first cell within your column with the formula, <a href="http://www.test4prep.com/646-206.html">Cisco 646-206</a> scroll along the column towards the last cell from the column you need to analyse.<br>Hit SHIFT-Click within the last few cell to select every one of them.<br>Press CTRL D to fill with the formula each of the way around the column.<br><br>You have the count from the string of characters within your selected name records and will sort those to identify those which could be over the threshold of what's allowed inside the new database system.<br>Excel is usually considered a variety cruncher that is its limit. LEN is one demonstration of Excels integrated functions you can use that may help you work smarter and faster to resolve real complications with data.<br> </font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%"> <table border="0" style="BORDER-TOP: #f2f2f2 1px dotted;" width="100%" cellspacing="3"> <tr> <td> <font face="Tahoma, Arial, Verdana" size="0" color="#000000"> <i>2.10.12 12:48</i><br>  </font> </td> <td> <font face="Tahoma, Arial, Verdana" size="0" color="#000000"> <div align=right><a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7009444/Ms-Excel-Tips-How-To-Use-Excel-LEN-Function">verlinken</a><br> </div> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%"> Letzte Einträge: <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7009900/MS-Excel-Tips-Use-Conditional-Formatting-To-search-out-Duplicate-Data">MS Excel Tips - Use Conditional Formatting To search out Duplicate Data</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010128/MS-Excel-Tips-Chose-the-Contrast-between-Two-Dates-Using-DATEDIF">MS Excel Tips: Chose the Contrast between Two Dates Using DATEDIF</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010356/MS-Excel-Tutorial-Creating-And-making-use-of-Named-Ranges">MS Excel Tutorial - Creating And making use of Named Ranges</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010584/MS-Excel-Tutorial-How-to-operate-the-Concatenation-Function-In-Excel">MS Excel Tutorial - How to operate the Concatenation Function In Excel</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7010812/My-Top-iPad-VPN-Accessories-for-Business">My Top iPad VPN Accessories for Business</a>, <a href="https://stewert.myblog.de/stewert/art/7011040/Nearshore-Software-Developers-Five-Compelling-Reasons-to-Use-Them">Nearshore Software Developers - Five Compelling Reasons to Use Them</a> </td> </tr> </table> </center> Hier kommt später eurer Text hin..den hier abba entfernen... steht da sonst auch... 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